2014 NEQRC Summer Fundraiser a Success



Northeast Queens Republican Club Fundraiser Succeeds

The NEQRC held its annual fundraiser on June 26th at the Clearview Golf Course. The event included a golf outing during the day and a barbecue dinner with raffle prizes in the evening.

Special guests included Congressman Bob Turner, Councilman Eric Ulrich, Congressional candidate Grant Lally, Assembly candidate Phil Gim and former Councilman Tom Ognibene.

Club president Kevin Ryan commented, “It’s great to see so many fellow Republicans supporting our club. Thanks to their generosity and sense of community, we continue to grow. It hasn’t been the easiest time to be a Republican in Queens lately, but our highly successful fundraising proves that the club and the party are still very strong. Despite the unfortunate passing of Phil Ragusa that week, we raised thousands of dollars for the club. We even gained a few new members that night and continue to grow through community outreach, like our free Easter egg hunt in Bowne Park in April. I’m very grateful for the generous support of our members and all those who donated. They stood up to say that scandal and corruption do not define our neighborhoods or our party. We know the core values of the GOP are the most inclusive, proven way forward for all New Yorkers.”

2014 meetings so far have included gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, National Review Editor Jay Nordlinger, Republican strategist Lynn Krogh and a congressional candidate forum with Stephen Labate and Grant Lally.

Local businesses and other organizations that supported the fundraiser include: Boston Market (Bay Terrace), Bourbon Street, Bridge to Life, Christie & Co. Salon, Christie Lauren Headpieces, CJ Sullivan’s, Forest Park Republican Club, Garden Works, Kinturk General Contractors, La Mirage Salon, Monahan Fitzgerald’s, North Merrick Republican Club, Outback Steakhouse (Bay Terrace), Pizzeria UNO (Bayside), Queens Village Republican Club and Villa Rustica Restaurant.

Many thanks to all those who supported our 2014 fundraiser, a day and night of golf, food and camaraderie for active Republicans in Queens and beyond.

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Congratulations to the Fundraiser Event Committee:

Sal Bacarella

Amanda Ryan

Andy Brennan

Ronnie Reiburn

Kevin Ryan

Look for more NEQRC events coming soon and enjoy the summer.



Why this is the best time to get involved in Queens Republican politics

By Kevin J. Ryan, NEQRC President

Will we allow a small group of allegedly corrupt individuals to define our party and our neighborhood or will we get involved and fight for something better for our children?

Some of the recent local headlines concerning politicians, both Republican and Democrat, can be discouraging but we must remember that WE are the people. We are the taxpayers, the volunteers, the campaigners, the donors and voters. Our club and our party belong to us and they can only be taken away if we fail to preserve them and replenish them with our efforts and by bringing in new people. This is a critical moment for the Republican Party in Queens.

Candidates and party leaders need us, the rank and file, to gather petition signatures, run as Committee Members, raise money, and volunteer to spread their messages by canvassing, volunteering and placing lawn signs. There is a lack of Republicans in Queens willing to do these things at the moment, perhaps understandably. But that puts power in the hands of rank and file Republicans. We can get involved and choose the leaders we want to support, including new ones. Corruption, cronyism and incompetence do not have to rule the political landscape in NYS, NYC or Queens.

Queens Republicans deserve a lot better. We have more power than many of us realize. But we must be active, not passive. If we sit back and don’t get involved, our silence implies consent and we have no right to complain. The NEQRC exists to give local Republicans a voice and it certainly has, but it’s just the beginning and it only continues if we keep it going together. Will we allow a small group of allegedly corrupt individuals to define our party and our neighborhood or will we get involved and fight for something better for our children? It really is in our hands.

In 2014, the NEQRC and its members have been working to rebuild the GOP in Queens by rebranding the party and hosting interesting meetings and community functions. Our guest speakers have included National Review Editor Jay Nordlinger, Casale Group strategist Lynn Krogh and candidate for NYS Governor Rob Astorino. We are the only club that hosted an open candidate forum with both Stephen Labate and Grant Lally, the Congressional primary candidates in cd-3. We held our second annual free family Easter Egg hunt in Bowne Park, delighting over 100 local children and their parents-who just might remember it when they go to the polls in November. All of these things help to build the reputation of the club and the party. We have more planned for the rest of the year, but we need your help.

I ask you to please attend our only fundraiser of the year, on June 26th. Play golf with us during the day and/or have dinner, drinks and fun with us in the evening. We make a difference in our community and we have a blast doing it.

Our club’s message has been clear all year. Everyone is invited. Join us and help rebuild the party. It’s yours.

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RSVP today for our Annual Fundraiser

Please help the NEQRC move forward with both political and non-political events, from opportunities to hear from candidates like Rob Astorino for Governor to our blood drives and free Easter egg hunt. We can continue to improve the political climate by restoring integrity and community service in Queens, but only with your help.

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Our May Meeting Covered by the TimesLedger and Queens Chronicle

Articles about our May meeting, featuring a Congressional primary candidate forum with Stephen Labate and Grant Lally, were recently posted in the Queens Chronicle and TimesLedger .

The primary is June 24th.

Our next gathering is our Annual Fundraiser on June 26th, with a golf outing during the day and dinner in the evening. Please attend both or either one. We need your support to continue providing events like this forum and the free Easter egg hunt. Don’t miss it!

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Photos: Our Congressional Primary Candidate Forum

Our May meeting featured a candidate forum with the two Republican primary candidates for Congress in NY’s Third District, Stephen Labate and Grant Lally. The room was packed with over 80 club members, voters and journalists, who gathered to hear from both candidates and ask them questions. The NEQRC once again brings local voters the chance to hear from candidates in the only Third Congressional District primary forum thus far.

Many thanks to both candidates for making the time to speak at our club.

Here are a few photos:



Our May and June events

Dear Fellow Republicans,

In 2014, the Northeast Queens Republican Club has hosted Congressman Bob Turner, Councilman Eric Ulrich, National Review Editor Jay Nordlinger, political strategist Lynn Krogh and candidate for NYS Governor Rob Astorino.

Our next NEQRC general meeting is this Wednesday, May 21 and we have yet another blockbuster planned:

The NEQRC will host a candidate forum with invited guests Stephen Labate and Grant Lally, the primary candidates for NY’s Third Congressional District. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from both candidates before the June 24 primary.

Wednesday, May 21 at 8pm

Clearview Golf Course Clubhouse
202-12 Willets Point Boulevard
Queens, New York 11360

And next month, don’t miss our ANNUAL GOLF OUTING and BBQ FUNDRAISER on June 26!

I humbly ask for your support on behalf of our club and hope to see you at both of these important events, which are critical as we take back New York. Most of all, they will both be a lot of fun!


Kevin J. Ryan, NEQRC President

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